New Project for Dance Graduates

The past 18 months have been a challenging time as we have faced the difficulties imposed on us. Many things that we took for granted were ripped away at a moments notice and going to watch, listen and enjoy a performance became a distant memory. People who enrich our lives with their artistic talent began to find alternative ways to channel their creative ideas to provide a support network that created optimism and opportunities for friends, colleagues and complete strangers, all of whom have faced their own struggles.

Julie Bowers, CEO in waiting of bbodance and Brandon Lawrence, Principal Birmingham Royal Ballet and patron of bbodance are exactly these type of people who are constantly channeling their energies into new ideas that have peoples well being in mind. So it was no surprise when they shared their latest idea to support recent dance graduates and make sure they were not left behind in the wake of Covid.

GradPro is a creative initiative that is a helping hand for dance graduates who have had to come to terms with an uncertain future and the impact on their art and mental well being. Dansez has always strived to support the creative organisations that are the bedrock of what makes British dance so great. Working with Julie and Brandon to bring GradPro to life has been extremely rewarding and we are so excited about the events next year. We know they will be the prefect showcase for new and exciting young talent all looking for the opportunity to make their own mark on the British ballet scene.

Find out more about GradPro at

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