• Proudly sponsoring Imperial Classical Ballet Junior & Senior Ballet Awards

    Proudly sponsoring Imperial Classical Ballet Junior & Senior Ballet Awards

      As part of our new partnership with ISTD we are delighted to be sponsoring a number of events this year. This includes the Imperial Classical Ballet Junior and Senior Ballet Awards held at the Central School of Ballet in London. With schools competing from Malaysia, Italy, Macau, Canada, Ireland, USA, Mexico, India, Spain, Vietnam and the UK it was truly an international event....
  • ISTD Launching Summer '24

    ISTD Launching Summer '24

      It has been a busy few months with the Dansez team working with the teachers and members of ISTD. The collaboration has brought together various faculties to review and refine the designs. Getting feedback is essential to making sure we create a uniform that not only looks great but is practical and suitable for examinations. The world of dance is able to make...
  • Supporting New Dance Talent at GradPro 2024

    Supporting New Dance Talent at GradPro 2024

    Dansez is delighted to be part of the GradPro 2024 team. It has been amazing to see how this fabulous annual event, developed by Julie Bowers and Brandon Lawrence, has grown since its launch in 2021. It has already made such a big difference to many young dancers with some achieving full time roles in leading dance companies as a result of being part...
  • Dansez: New Uniform Designer for ISTD

    Dansez: New Uniform Designer for ISTD

    As Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) approach their 120th anniversary we are honoured to have been chosen to create a new high quality, flexible and sustainable uniform for both students and teachers. Over the coming weeks our innovative design team will be working with ISTD and their members to create a bespoke, modern and forward looking capsule collection. Their new uniform will...
  • We just love a new school who embraces sustainability

    We just love a new school who embraces sustainability

    Our #wastetowear revolution marches on with the London Vocational Ballet School (LVBS) becoming the latest prestigious school to collaborate with Dansez on their uniform. The school has been going through its own transformation with their name change from the Young Dancers Academy and a refreshed vision of innovation, excellence, and collective achievement. Introducing a new sustainable tracksuit, designed by Dansez and of course made...
  • Royal Ballet School and Dansez Combine Their Innovations

    Royal Ballet School and Dansez Combine Their Innovations

    When the Royal Ballet School recently launched their new Affiliate Training and Assessment programme we were so pleased that they wanted Dansez to design and make a dedicated set of dance clothes for the students of the recreational dance training programme. This new programme is a unique approach to the training of young dancers, firmly rooted in the School’s values that takes a holistic...
  • Showcasing Fabulous Dance Talent

    Showcasing Fabulous Dance Talent

    It barely seems possible that it’s a year since we all gathered in Birmingham for the GradPro Showcase Final. The 2023 regional events have come and gone with another talented group of graduate dancers and we are now so excited to be heading towards the second Gradpro Showcase Final. Building on the huge success of the launch of GradPro in 2022 we are also delighted...
  • It's International Women's Day

    It's International Women's Day

    Today is International Women's Day and we thought that this year it was about time that we talked more about the women of Dansez.Dansez is a team mainly of women across the different parts of our UK manufacturing and distribution, but we are going to start with Julie who leads the team of women who make the thousands of leotards every year that find...
  • New bbodance Uniform Launched

    New bbodance Uniform Launched

    There is nothing we love to see more after many months of hard work, than a new collection of dance clothes coming to life…when the students and professionals perform in our clothes the second skin of Dansez becomes real. Working artistically alongside Julie Bowers, CEO of bbodance to create a new uniform has been a very exciting project. During this time many ideas were...
  • What's in a name?

    What's in a name?

    Often people ask us where we get the names of leotards from. It’s a good question because it is not always an easy job finding the right name, that balance between being a catchy name and saying something about the leotard. If you take a look at our range of products you’ll see what we mean!For one leotard though it was an easy decision...
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