• Our Champion Competes at the Highest Level

    Our Champion Competes at the Highest Level

    Our Champions are also passionate young dancers and Agnes Rosa Lamb, who attends The Jones Academy, has just attended, for the first time, the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) in Italy. It is the worlds largest global network of dance and reaches over 12,000 dance students aged 9-19 with a mission to support and develop world-class dancers through scholarship auditions, master classes, alumni services...
  • RBS & Dansez : A Great British Collaboration

    RBS & Dansez : A Great British Collaboration

    The Royal Ballet School has launched their very own sustainable range of dance clothes, designed and made by our wonderful team at Dansez. A unique collection of leotards, tights, shorts and tops that are not just for dance but work equally as well for all types of fitness. In what has been an incredible few years in Dansez’s pioneering approach to creating planet friendly...
  • A Must See For All Dance Lovers

    A Must See For All Dance Lovers

    Don’t miss the amazing Jamila Wignots brilliant new documentary about the legendary Alvin Ailey.Alvin was a visionary artist who found salvation through dance. An immersive profile of goround breaking and influential choreographer. AILEY captures the brilliant and enigmatic man who when confronted by a world that refused to embrace him he wears determined to build one that would!AILEY in in cinemas and on demand...
  • New Project for Dance Graduates

    New Project for Dance Graduates

    The past 18 months have been a challenging time as we have faced the difficulties imposed on us. Many things that we took for granted were ripped away at a moments notice and going to watch, listen and enjoy a performance became a distant memory. People who enrich our lives with their artistic talent began to find alternative ways to channel their creative ideas...
  • Performing in a Socially Distanced World

    Performing in a Socially Distanced World

    Our special friends Brandon Lawrence Principal BRB and choreographer Ruth Brill have been busy as ever with their latest collaboration that has culminated in a beautiful film set among the spires and catacombs of Oxford. It traces the journey from the innocence of childhood, to the turbulence of youth, to the emergence of the fully formed man.Set to the uplifting music of Carol Jones,...
  • MV Academy Website Relaunch

    MV Academy Website Relaunch

    We are delighted to announce another successful web site relaunch project with MV Academy. This is part of an offer we are running for ‘The Club’ members who qualify for a free new site through Reidmark, our marketing partner. It is an ideal opportunity to refresh the look and feel off your site and also introduce some new features like online booking and subscription...
  • Yorkshire Ballet Seminars Go Sustainable

    Yorkshire Ballet Seminars Go Sustainable

    Whilst the Covid Pandemic has certainly been a difficult time for the creative industries we are so pleased that we have been able to continue to work alongside many great dance schools and institutes, supporting their work whilst continuing to design beautiful uniforms. We of course knew of Iain as a former Principal of Birmingham Royal Ballet and then finally we had the pleasure...
  • Website Makeover for RozieT Dance Academy

    Website Makeover for RozieT Dance Academy

    As part of 'The Club', our member dance schools have the option to have a free web site makeover with our marketing partner Reidmark. We all know how dance schools become so busy with the running of the school that sometimes web sites and social media posts get left behind ... but now it doesn’t have to be this way with our free offer...
  • Between the Waves - Our New 2021 Collection

    Between the Waves - Our New 2021 Collection

    We are delighted to announce our latest styles that continue our commitment to sustainable planet friendly dance clothes. We decided to call the collection ‘Between The Waves’ - we just loved the image that it conjures up when you think about the ocean. Waves can mean very different things to people, they are very personal and have the ability to stir our emotions. From...
  • New bbodance Scholars Collection

    New bbodance Scholars Collection

    In a year where we have all had to take a fresh look at how we live, work and socialise it was a massive achievement to be able to launch the new bbodance scholars collection. A really big team effort between Julie Bowers of bbodance, Samantha Carney, MD Dansez alongside her fabulous team and of course the multi talented Brandon Lawrence. The result is...
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