RBS & Dansez : A Great British Collaboration

The Royal Ballet School has launched their very own sustainable range of dance clothes, designed and made by our wonderful team at Dansez. A unique collection of leotards, tights, shorts and tops that are not just for dance but work equally as well for all types of fitness.

In what has been an incredible few years in Dansez’s pioneering approach to creating planet friendly dancewear, we are so proud to be able to work alongside the team at the Royal Ballet School. For our MD, Samantha, it is an even greater personal journey and achievement having auditioned a long time ago for White Lodge to now be designing dancewear for The Royal Ballet School online store.

The entire collaboration has been hands on with involvement from students on the look and feel of each item. This is really important to us because we pride ourselves on creating a second skin through our dance clothes that really do move with the body. As part of the collection we have included designs from our partnership with Brandon Lawrence, Principal of Birmingham Royal Ballet who has his own label with Dansez and is an alumnus of the School. His designs have stood up to the rigours of movement that a professional dancer goes through and are proven to be that second skin we are so committed to.

The growth in the number of schools now working with us and wanting to embrace sustainable dancewear is testimony to the belief that dancewear can make a difference to our planet. We have a growing band of dance organisations who are leading the #wastetowear revolution and playing our small part in using waste to create beautiful new products, whilst also saving the ocean from plastic pollution.

We are looking forward to building on this new relationship with The Royal Ballet School.

Visit the shop to see the full range 

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