Our Champion Competes at the Highest Level

Our Champions are also passionate young dancers and Agnes Rosa Lamb, who attends The Jones Academy, has just attended, for the first time, the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) in Italy. It is the worlds largest global network of dance and reaches over 12,000 dance students aged 9-19 with a mission to support and develop world-class dancers through scholarship auditions, master classes, alumni services and outreach activities, performances and films. The finals are held in New York where 1200 young dancers receive in depth mentoring, scholarship and performance opportunities.

It makes us very proud when we see our young Champions achieving their dreams. They are a fabulous bunch and are very passionate about the sustainability of the clothes they are wearing when they dance. We often say that Dansez is a second skin and a huge contribution to feeling confident and self assured on stage...

Agnes shared with us her recent experience...

"Hi I’m Agnes Rosa Lamb and I have been dancing for 13 years.

This year I had the wonderful opportunity of attending YAGP Italy, this was my first time at YAGP so I was very excited but also nervous, I competed in both classical and contemporary placing in the top 12 and received a short term scholarship to Rosella Hightower school in France Cannes.

I wore the Dansez leotards throughout my time at YAGP in the master classes and for my contemporary and the scholarship classes. I chose to wear these leotards as they have simple but have flattering lines, are bold but understated, giving me a quiet confidence. I really enjoyed taking part in the master classes which were taught by the directors of some of the most prestigious ballet schools. It was very interesting to get a feel of the style of the schools. My first class of the four days was with Tadeusz Matacz director of John Cranko, my second day was a stage class taken by Paula Cantalupo artistic director of Rosella Hightower. Later that same day I had my classical variation which I performed Madora and a few hours later my contemporary « alchemy ».

On the third day I took part in the invitation only scholarship class taken by Gennadi Saveliev co-founder and artist director of YAGP, who said ‘your contemporary was practically perfect’ and then following, an email with an invitation to the Nevie festival this summer. I had such a great time at YAGP, every one was very friendly and supportive and I could see that they were there because of the love of dance. I was very nervous go on the stage all by myself for the first time but now as I look back on it was a very magical experience. Since the completion I have been offered a place in English National Ballet School second year from September 22.

I hope to be wearing Dansez for many years to come, the lines and the feel of the sustainable fabric adds another dimension to my performances."

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