Healthy Seas, Healthy Future

As we celebrate Worlds Oceans Day we are proud to support and promote the new Healthy Seas, Healthy Future campaign. Millions of tons of waste are abandoned in our seas every year with the disastrous effect of killing so many sea creatures and harming marine life. Raising awareness and acting today is an absolute must to safeguard our future, health and prosperity. Together we are striving to make climate change, ocean pollution and biodiversity loss part of history and not the future.

Dansez is the first dance wear producer to use sustainable fabrics that originate from ocean waste and ghost fishing nets.

We financially contribute towards the Healthy Seas Initiative to support the recovery of the ocean waste through specialist diving expeditions around the world carried out by over 170 volunteer Healthy Seas divers. Through an innovative regeneration and purification process over 510 tons of recovered nylon fishing nets have been regenerated together with other nylon waste by a unique process ‘Aquafil' into ECONYL® Fiber.

The fabrics look and feel stunning and have enabled us to continue our mission of delivering clothing that creates a second skin for dancers.
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