How to Tell You're Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra

How to Tell You're Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra

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  • If you’re wearing the same bra to yoga as you are to run this is a bad idea! A sports bra for yoga or a barre class can be light and less supportive, however for high impact exercising you need something far more supportive.
  • If you’re wearing two bras, then get rid! 
  • Spend the dosh to save saggy boobs. It might be all well and good paying £9.99 from H&M for a light bra, but this isn’t going to give you the proper support you need from paying £20 more on a sports brand bra.
  • If your boobs hurt after you exercise.
  • Cotton sports bras are not breathable enough for sport and it stretched. Sweat-wicking fabric is best! Plus, cotton sports bras are never supportive enough.
  • 6+ months old. Time to get out your purse!

Follow these steps to find the perfectly fitted sports bra

  • The band is horizontal around the whole trunk
  • The cups do not bulge or gape
  • The underwire follows the natural curve of the breast tissue
  • The front of the bra sits flat against the chest
  • Shoulder straps should be adjusted appropriately

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