FirmFit Goes to St Lucia

So we’re sure that a lot of you know that our background is in dancewear, and that we have recently branched out into more fitness-focused sportswear with an emphasis on good fitting bras to properly support women and girls in a wide variety of sports. What you may not know is that we have recently spent time in St Lucia in partnership with United Through Sport.

To give you a bit of background, United Through Sport work with children from disadvantaged backgrounds with the aim of using sport to improve education, raise health awareness and build skills for life. For example, they use sports coaching to develop team skills, use sport to deliver curriculums on topics such as HIV/AIDS awareness in an interactive way on the sports field, and also use sport to improve education by providing pathways to success through scholarships to top local schools.

UTS have a wide variety of projects that they are getting off the ground, and the one we have decided to get involved with is their “Female Empowerment Project” which focuses on netball, the number one sport for women in St Lucia. This means it is currently the best route to tackling key health and social issues amongst young females in the region.

We are sponsoring four netball teams by providing them with their sports bras and shorts. They are all taking part in a competition in August, and we’ll also be providing the trophy for this. During our time in St Lucia we have been going to their training sessions and have had the opportunity to talk to them about the health benefits of wearing a proper sports bra. As we know from recent reports in the UK, nearly one in five women say they are being put off exercise or doing sport because of their breasts, with their inability to find the right sports bra being one of the key factors. We want to ensure that women find a great fitting and stylish sports bra from an early age, so that this no longer becomes a barrier to women doing sport. Our work with UTS on this brilliant initiative is just one way that we are making sure this happens.

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