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As a British producer we are passionate about designing beautiful clothes that all dancers love wearing. It should by a joy to pull on, train and perform in your dance clothes. We pride ourselves on the fit and feel being so good you hardly know you are wearing them. They feel so good It is hard to believe that they come from the 640,000 tons of discarded, lost, or abandoned fishing nets.

We feel proud to be doing our bit to reverse this destruction.

Join us and choose sustainability first.

Planet friendly

You can dance in many different ways but you can only dance different when you choose to wear clothes that are helping to save the environment. Your moves will feel more beautiful if they are done in harmony with the world we live in. Join us in making the dance world different and choose sustainability first, wear planet friendly fabrics and let’s save the oceans.

Regenerated Fabrics

We continue to lead and innovate in the world of dance. Being part of the journey from waste to wear alongside the Healthy Seas Initiative is part of being environmentally responsible. We use fabrics incorporating Econyl©, a regenerated fiber made out of nylon waste and abandoned fishing nets rescued from oceans by the Healthy Seas Initiative. These clothes are infinitely recyclable whilst tackling the detrimental impact of fast fashion...they also look beautiful on every dancer, turning Ocean waste into fashion.

World Class Collaborations

Our styling of Birmingham Royal Ballet and design collaboration with their Principal, Brandon Lawrence has resulted in a range of dance clothing that continues our purpose of creating a second skin for dancers. We strive to work with organisations who look for excellence, artistic innovation and social/environmental responsibility in everything they do. We absolutely love what we do and we work with the same passion with small dance schools as well as major ballet companies.

Our journey from waste to wear

Three steps to taking ocean waste and turning it into beautiful dance wear with our partners at Healthy Seas and Econyl

Rescuing Ocean Waste

We financially contribute towards ocean waste recovery through specialist diving expeditions carried out by over 170 volunteer Healthy Seas divers

The econyl process

Thanks to a unique recycling process, the fishing nets rescued by Healthy Seas are regenerated to make ECONYL® regenerated fibre, infinitely recyclable

Waste reimagined

The Dansez creativity with fabrics that look and feel stunning so we can continue our mission and create a second skin for dancers
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