Do not bleach  Do not tumbledry  Do not dry clean
 Do not iron  Do not wring  Dry clean
 Dry flat  Tumblr dry on low heat  Hand wash
 Iron  Iron at low temperature  Line dry
 Wash at 40 degrees


We go to great lengths to ensure the High Tech Microfibre fabrics we use are high quality and suitable for their end use.

We use Microfibre because of its softness, durability, absorption and wicking abilities. All of these qualities are essential for use in dance/exercise clothing. Microfibre wicks moisture away from the body leaving you feeling warm and dry whether you are in a dance class, the gym or out on a run.

Did you know – Microfibre fabrics were invented by Dr Miyoshi Okamoto?


Our high tech Cotton/Poly/Lycra fabric is among the finest used in the industry today. The natural cotton content allows your skin to breathe naturally, feels soft to the touch and wicks moisture away from your skin. The beauty of using Lycra in our exclusive Cotton/Poly/Lycra fabric is that it allows ease of movement and ensures that your garment retains its’ original shape after each use. Our garments do not get baggy.

Did you know – Lycra is Dupont's brand name for Elastane, Americans prefer to call it Spandex. The name 'Spandex' is an anagram of the word 'expands' which is exactly what the fibre does!


Our Chiffon fabric is chosen for its exquisite, sheer appearance and light floating abilities. We only use the best chiffon fabrics resulting in our skirts having a superior look and feel.

Did you know - The name chiffon derives from the French word 'chiff' which means rag. This term was developed mid 18th century to describe various trimmings on a dress. However, silk-based chiffon originated in ancient China 4000 years ago!


Coolmax® fabric is a performance fabric which moves perspiration away from the body, and through the fabric so that it can evaporate quickly, this allows the wearer to feel cooler and more comfortable.

Did you know - Coolmax® is a trademark for moisture-wicking technical fabrics developed in 1986 by DuPont. These fabrics use specially-engineered polyester fibres which improve breathability.

Leather - 100%

Our soft and supple leather is very high quality to ensure it lasts and moves well with your foot. As this is a natural product, shades may vary slightly.

Did you know - As early as 4000 years ago, Egyptian women prized leather for fashion items.


We only use extremely high quality satin which will perform well for almost any ballet class requirements. Our satin is soft, shiny and feels luxurious!

Did you know - Satin was first woven by the ancient silk weavers of China and was greatly desired by early Greeks and Romans.

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