Champions Join the Waste to Wear Journey

Being a partner of the Healthy Seas Initiative is so important to us. Not only are we delighted to make a contribution to the rescuing of harmful ocean waste but we are also very proud of its ultimate conversion into beautiful dance clothing.

Our band of Champions are right behind the waste to wear revolution and spreading the message on ethical and sustainable manufacturing. They are awesome role models and were invited to participate in the latest Healthy Seas campaign.

We are supporting their efforts to mark 2020 as a turning point in our relationship with the ocean and recognising how important it is to the health of our planet and our personal wellbeing. Now more than ever we need healthy eco systems.

Please take a look at the promotional video from Healthy Seas and over the coming weeks check our instagram account @lovedansez where we will be sharing more clips of Champion eco warriors sharing their own personal message.

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