We've Found the Perfect Dance Partner

Everyone needs a great dance partner, Rudi and Margot, Fred and Ginger, Mitzi and Gene... and now we have our very own with Drew Tommons of Virtuoso Dance Photography - Dansez and Drew... what a winning combination this has become.

We first met Drew through our collaboration with Brandon Lawrence, Principal Birmingham Royal Ballet. His amazing photography has helped to make the dance clothing designed with Brandon really pop and come to life.

As a clothing designer we rely on photography to promote our products and to convey everything we stand for as a brand... our quality, ethics, sustainability and creativity. Drew gets it... really gets it, and he has become an integral part of the Dansez team.

For us it’s more than that though, we have become great friends with a shared passion for dance. Recognising the incredibly talented people who have the ability to make your heart flip, your soul soar and bring a smile to your face with their movement, style and grace - let's be honest we all need that more than ever.

Here’s to more 5:30am starts on a beach capturing that special moment!

Photographs courtesy of © Virtuoso Dance Photography

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