Ocean Waste Turned into a Dance Masterpiece

We were completely blown away by this video by James Bennett. What an amazing piece of choreography and a powerful message on the damage we are doing to our oceans.

James had been inspired to create ‘CHOKED’ from a trip to the Philippines where he witnessed the devastation being caused by man made pollution and plastics. Witnessing the disposal of collected plastic waste being poured back in to the ocean was hardly the right advert for recycling but that is what James saw - the ocean waste he collected from the beach was going right back again.

There is a huge amount of education we need to do globally, not only about the impact and harm ocean waste is causing to our planet but also on what we should do with plastic waste. Blissful ignorance is no longer an option as something that was highlighted back in the 70s and dismissed is now a killer!

When we saw that James had filmed this amazing piece down the road from our studio in Ramsgate we just had to link up with him. It really does complement our messaging and support of the Healthy Seas Initiative and his passion for the issue is so clear.

One evening having a drink, as most of us were during lockdown, I thought to myself “I come from some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK, that’s where it should be set”, so once lockdown ended my partner and I went down to stay with my parents in Margate. We got up at 4am for three days running to try and get the beach to ourselves and created Choked!

"I'm doing this because it is something that I'm inherently passionate about and it's the only way I know how to express my feelings about the situation. I hope I can tell a story that will educate and touch people in a way that will instigate change".

Filmed and Produced by Noel Sullivan

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