The BL & Dansez New bbodance Scholarship

We are always thrilled when we are able to partner organisations at the grassroots of dance and do our bit to support young dancers starting out on their professional journey. Over the past 2 years we have been working closely with Julie Bowers, Director of Artistic Development at bbodance. It has been truly delightful to see this new partnership and friendship grow and we have been honoured to contribute to their development of dancers.

The Covid Pandemic has brought many challenges and financial implications with families having to stretch themselves in this very difficult time. So in response to a year that has tested the endurance, dedication and passion for dance that we all share we have joined forces with Brandon Lawrence, Principal Birmingham Royal Ballet and Patron of the British Ballet Organisation (bbodance) to create a brand new fact the first ever external financial scholarship for bbodance!

The Brandon Lawrence by Dansez Scholarship will help to fund four scholarships places to support young dancers on the bbodance programme. It has been awarded to these students based on their outstanding commitment throughout the Scholars Scheme classes over the past year. This is a very proud moment for us all and continues our wonderful creative journey with Brandon and bbodance.

Brandon sums up what it means for him...

"Since my training I’ve always wanted to be able to help fund education for young dancers. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of scholarships and bursaries along the way therefore, I’m honoured along with Dansez to present the BL by Dansez Scholarships.
As a Patron of bbodance it’s humbling to make this happen with Dansez for the young students of the organisation.
So congratulations to Duncan Moffat, Molly Boath, Sofia Hensley and William Illesley and we wish you every success".
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