Between the Waves - Our New 2021 Collection

We are delighted to announce our latest styles that continue our commitment to sustainable planet friendly dance clothes.

We decided to call the collection ‘Between The Waves’ - we just loved the image that it conjures up when you think about the ocean. Waves can mean very different things to people, they are very personal and have the ability to stir our emotions. From gentle lapping that can take your mind wandering to serene happy places to the mighty, rolling, crashing waves that remind you of the power of our oceans.

Dance often has such similar contrasting emotions in performance and appreciation that it felt the perfect name and let’s not forget our partnership with the Healthy Seas Initiative which was also very much at the forefront of our minds when we came up with the name for the collection. We continue to support this fantastic organisation and their work in recovering harmful ocean waste... and to think it is combined with other nylon waste to create the beautiful clothes we produce.

We must also send a huge heart felt thanks to the wonderful dancers from Birmingham Royal Ballet who managed to get together for a Covid secure photoshoot with the wonderful Drew Tommons - they have really brought the styles to life.

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