Website Makeover for RozieT Dance Academy

As part of 'The Club', our member dance schools have the option to have a free web site makeover with our marketing partner Reidmark. We all know how dance schools become so busy with the running of the school that sometimes web sites and social media posts get left behind ... but now it doesn’t have to be this way with our free offer to members.

We wanted to offer something a bit different as a thank you for placing your trust in us and in recognition of what it means to be part of the dansez family, where collaboration is key to our successful partnerships and longevity of relationships.

Our first school is Rozie T Academy which now has a great new online window to her fabulous school. As well as all the usual features it also includes online booking for classes and uniform purchases integrated with the Dansez store.

"When Dansez offered to re model my website I was extremely excited - they are an incredible force on social media and I wanted their expertise and advice. I had no idea just what a transformation my website would have.

There was nothing they couldn’t offer and working with the amazing team was fantastic - they took their time and had zoom calls over the pandemic to keep me in the loop but the day I actually saw the final product was just amazing.

Having my uniform shop/ bookings and updates all together is just outstanding - a website that clearly shows our school and it’s students and their achievements.

The support doesn’t stop once the site was created - only this morning they were busy helping me with more info going on.

Dansez is part of our academy family as much as we are part of theirs - it’s the best part of working with Dansez, they absolutely go above and beyond."

Roseann Torley, Rozie T Dance Academy

Take a look for yourself at 
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